In 2013 I started to learn about all-natural body care products after a health diagnosis. In early 2014 I came upon the Aravah store in Texas while on a family vacation. The thing I immediately loved in the store was the subtle yet fragrant scents of the soaps. I have dry skin so my favorite is the oatmeal & honey with goat milk soap which is very moisturizing and actually my favorite scent as well. All of the florals smell amazing and the glacial marine clay is great at keeping my face clear and bright. Over the years I’ve tried many other handmade soaps, but I haven’t found anything that equals Aravah’s. 

Anne W.

Hi Brenda! I just wanted to tell you how much I love the baby quilt! Homemade quilts are super important to my family and this one for my grandson (who will make his debut in April) is absolutely perfect and so beautifully made!  And as usual, your soaps smell so amazing, and the coconut body spray not only smells amazing but is the only thing I have found that doesn’t aggravate my migraines. Blessings to you, your family, and your amazing business!!!

Hi Brenda,




I got the lotion, the body butter and the salt scrub today.  I can’t stop using the lotion.  It smells amazing!  I will be trying the salt scrub tomorrow am in the shower and the body butter is awesome for my feet.  All of them are great.


I wanted to put in my facebook review how you made these custom products for me, but I did not want to inundate you custom order requests.  Let me know if it’s ok to put that out there.  I want to brag to everyone I know about your awesome products and amazing customer service.


Thank you again and again for the extra soaps too.  So thoughtful!  Thanks again.


I am sure I will be ordering again soon!  I will reach out when I run out of the lemon scented products with the hopes that you can make me another batch when needed.


You guys ROCK!  Please feel free to add all of this to your testimonials page on your website.  Fantastic!!!!!


Gayle Pagano

Hi Brenda,

Just wanted to let you know that the soap (Glacial Marine Clay) i ordered from you is working wonders for my face. It has cleared my skin up.  i will be referring my sisters to you.  I am going to cut them a sample off my bar to try. I know if it works for my face, it will work on their face.  

Thank you once again, 

Rebecca L Worth

Carol Roper 
I am thrilled to try some of your products. The samples you gifted me at your new store in Fredericksburg were wonderful. I am the Alaskan who shared my book,Tilly's Song with you. Blessings on you and your adventures with your new store.

 I love your bar soaps and lip balm! My friend found out about you while living in Texas and suggested I use your bar soaps as shampoo...I've been using them this way ever since! I have very fine hair and it rinses clean and doesn't weigh my hair down. The lip balms are awesome; I've tried blueberry, lemon vanilla and peppermint. All are fantastic!

Lorine Lingemann  
I have only tried your Lemon Vanilla Lip Balm. It was a gift. I'm interested in trying more of your products.

Michele S.
I've found the Island Coconut Lotion and Soap are the only products that calm my eczema flare-ups and prevent future ones. I appreciate that every ingredient in them is something I recognize! Thanks for making such a high-quality product!

Kelly & Andreas 
Hello Brenda and Michael, I would like to first thank Michael for the wonderful visit we had in Sedona on March 26. I'm sorry it has taken me so long to post this. Had the full intention of posting the very same night but lots of things came up. We love the products. Hope to see you soon at another show in Sedona.

Jenifer & Tim
Thank you from Livonia! We bought your Sedona Sonrise soap while on a cross-country road trip this summer. When I didn't see it on the website to order some more I called and you were so incredibly helpful. Tim loved the surprise custom labels, and we both teared up at recalling such an amazing trip....brought about by the beautiful scent. Thank you so much!!

M. Woods 
My sister-in-law gave me the Lavender Chamomile body butter and boy has it helped my skin. The skin on my arms and hands were dry, flaky, and just very old looking. I've been using the product for a month now and what a difference it has made. My skin is smooth and soft. I've been telling everyone about your products. I bought it for my daughters for Christmas. I just wanted you to know how much I love your product and will be a customer for life! Thank you!

Met you at the Sami Show in Belton this weekend. My sister and I were so excited to try your products, we washed our faces as soon as we got home with the Lavender and Orange soap. I almost didn't want to give her a share of the booty. :-) My bathroom has smelled like oranges all morning and still does. So lovely. 

I found Michael completely by accident while spending the day with my girlfriends in Fredericksburg today and I just wanted to say it was the highlight of my day! :) Thank you for introducing me to the lavender chamomile body butter and lavender liquid hand and body soap :) I'm officially hooked!

Sonya Enriquez 
Thank you for your hospitality we enjoyed all your information you gave can't wait to start using your product see you again

Athena VH 
I am a Firefighter and had some smoke inhalation resulting in hives/welts that covered my body for almost 2 months. I used a variety of things to help my body remove the toxins. One of the most surprising tools was the Pagosa Hot Springs Mineral Soap in Refresh that I received for Christmas. The scent is one I would not have picked out for myself, but it was exactly what I needed. It was always amazing how after a shower using the soap my welts along with the itching would be gone within a matter of minutes. A task that many were skeptical could happen; thank you for your love and dedication to providing wholesome God filled products.

Anne Clark 
So glad I discovered you years ago at the Quartzsite show. Have been an exclusive user of your soaps and lotions ever since. Don't get up to Sedona as often as I'd like, but ordering online is easy & the freebies are fun surprises. Thank you for your inspirational Biblical quotes--I've yet to try planting the wrapper seeds. God Bless.

My husband did some plumbing work for you and brought home a wonderful gift from you of your Lavender Chamomile soap. Thank you, I love it! Look forward to coming into your new store to stock up on great items and meet you. Definitely passing on your website & store info to others here in the area. Wishing you much success here!!

Jennifer and Kenny  

Mike- Kenny and I loved meeting you this week at your store in Pagosa Springs! After trying your soap and body butter last night, I had to go back and stock up before our trip back home to Houston! My friend also just got back from a day of skiing and said she had stopped by to pick up some more of your wonderful products after she slept with one of your soaps that I gave her last night! Lol! We will definitely be spreading the word in Texas and hope to send some more business your way! PS- My son LOVES the peppermint lip balm! -- Many continued blessings to you and your family. Jennifer & Kenny Proverbs 11:25 (NIV) 

Natalie Oaks
Enjoyed the smells of your soap and I love how you put scriptures on the wrappers!

 Sarah & Julie 
Great seeing you guys at the Candy Dance in Genoa this year! I am waiting to try my new minty soap. the whole house smells great just having it sit out. You guys are awesome as always, and I hope to see you again next always...unless you're too busy with the shop then I will have to order online. ;) God Bless your family and ventures

Candace Law  
I love your body butter. Will you be at the Boulder City Art in the Park this October in Las Vegas NV? If you are where will your booth be located. Thank you.

Jamie Coleman 
I just wanted to say what a blessing it was to meet you in the park today! We came home and washed our babies in your Sonrise wash and put them to bed, and they have NEVER smelt so good! Thank you for taking the time to say hi, pray over my kids and share your amazing soap! Many blessings to you and your family! 

Hello from Louisiana! I really enjoyed meeting you in Pagosa last month. I brought body butter, lotions, and soaps home to my sisters, one of which has problems with eczema and psoriasis. She has used numerous prescription creams over the years, but nothing has been as effective as the soap/body butter combination. I have stopped using expensive moisturizers and shampoo/conditioners and am using the wonderful Sonrise soap. Then, jasmine lotion to top it off and my skin has never felt or looked better. My dry and brittle hair loves the soap too! I just can't say enough good things about your products and plan to be a longtime customer. Thanks!!!

Gunnar Bergkamp 
Best Soap Ever!!! and wonderful people too ;-)

Bob & Terry Gagne 
Just wanted to take time to say thank you for your incredible soaps and body butter. I am thoroughly enjoying both the scent and the way my skin feels after using them. We met you last week in Sedona, AZ. We are from Maine and need the moisture your products offer us. Thanks again for your products!!!

Sarah Collins 
We were so blessed to have come across Aravah Organics on our trip to Pagosa Springs. We have three young boys who have eczema skin problems. We bought the patchouli body butter and began using it right away! Our boy's eczema was almost completely cleared up by the end of the week. I have used so many different products, prescription and over the counter, and this is the first that works so fast and well. I am thankful!!

Saw your products @ Riverpoint here in Pagosa Springs while having lunch with a friend. I love anything with Lavender so I purchased the lotion. Heard you have a local shop in Pagosa I will be by to meet you and look @ all of the products you have. Have a blessed day!!

I came across your soaps in a local Santa Fe bookstore. I not only love the soaps but the fact that you provide some extra goodies for the price of shipping is great customer service. I am a huge soap connoisseur and used to purchase all my soaps from a local store in Savannah Georgia who also focuses on natural products. Now that I have found you, I think you're a keeper. only hope would be for you all to have a local store here in Santa Fe...New Mexico

Debbie Brown 
Met you at your new shop in Pagosa Springs a few weeks ago. My husband and I had a nice talk with you and we love the soaps!! My husband is even now using a bath sponge and your soap, first ever!!! Our bathroom smells wonderful. We are working on some homemade soap dishes to give as Christmas gifts and will be ordering more soaps when we get ready for them. God bless your effort!!

Christine Smith 
I'm a new customer to Aravah and I just received my order today. I'm very impressed with everything I've tried, my skin feels fantastic and I know what I'm putting on it is good for me without chemicals and strong fragrances. The customer service is A plus, I will definitely be coming back for more and telling my friends and family!

It is so fantastic to see the way your products have taken off since I met you a few years ago at Renee's. I absolutely love them and brag about them every chance I get. My favorite is the Coconut body scrub.

Good to see you today. Love your organics!

These are the most emollient products I have ever tried. They leave my skin soft, with no oily residue, and the most intoxicating fragrance (love sweet orange) that I have ever smelled. The best part is that they are totally organic and better yet Michael and Brenda are true gems. A pleasure to do business with such a fine company. Can't wait to try other products. So glad I found them !!

I too found you at a craft fair in Genoa, Nevada. I tried your Beautiful Sonrise Scrub (orange with Dead Sea Salt) and I am hooked! I leave the tub feeling so hydrated and soft and oh, the scent! I usually have to slather about a half cup of lotion on after a bath, but no more! And the orange is heavenly. So many products I buy and try and they are so so (just okay), so they don't get used. But this! I am compelled to use it at every bath because it is such a great experience! Thank you for making a superb product!

Kerri Wolfe 
My husband and I found you at a booth at a craft fair in Colorado last summer! We are from Indiana and we are always excited to see natural body care! I am a Holistic Nutritionist and I am always looking for products to suggest to my clients and friends. We purchased your soaps and body butter and here we are back for more! I buy a lot of natural soaps and lotions once, but very few twice! This is a good product and so full of the Joy of Jesus! (: Thank you and I look forward to sending friends and family to your site to order! Blessings to your business and lives!

patchouli pattie the turtle lady 
The lovely Butterfly Lady suggested your products by bringing samples to my house during a "girl chat" evening. I've tried numerous natural products, none have worked their magic such as yours in immediate satisfaction. A girlfriend & myself decided to seek out your tent in Sedona explicitly in search of your wonderful products. I was more than pleased to engage in such a delightful personality such as Michaels as he enthusiastically enlightened us on what he & his wife have developed for the love & best of all who purchase their products. After perusing all the magnificent & delightful scents with samples of what each does, my mind moved to several different aromas & spoors to which I delighted in. (Island Coconut and Lavender Jasmine) and purchased in different avenues then I had surmised. I went home & immediately tried out one, got up in the morning & bade yet another delight that I purchased with equally magnificent results........I'm in love!! They are just magnificent, organic, made with love, & best yet............ THEY WORK. From my face to my toes......I am like a cat with catnip. Purring away not only just contentedly, but with all the healing & wonders of purposed intended outcomes. Thank you Michael & Brenda for your continued loyalty to pureness, integrity, love & resolve to produce a product that is indeed not only pleasing but works above & beyond. I didn't get the lip balms, my girlfriend did & I should have..........I shall. Thank you lovely Butterfly Lady for advertising their products. I would NOT have known had you not mentioned (& shared) the healing aspects that you've experienced. I too now will be a faithful billboard. Thank you, Brenda & Michael. gentle blessings, pattie........ (p.s. the mango papaya soap? OMG, it's more than marvelous, it's spectacular, thank you)

Carla Kellie 
I'm so happy to have found your products. I have been using your Orange & Tangerine body butter for about a year now. I LOVE the citrus scent!! We live in dry Arizona and use to get really dry hands and cracks on my fingertips BUT not anymore!! Your body butter has taken care of that. Now I even have my husband using it for his hands. God bless and thank you so much... Carla

I have had chronically itchy legs for 5 yrs now and I have tried everything. EVERYTHING: cortozone creams, heavy creams & oils after showers, fancy body washes, etc... omega supplements. But the salt scrub from your company was the first product that gave me relief at night, from the itchiness! Thank You!

Audrey "The Butterfly Lady" 
Dear Aravah Organics, I have been using your BODY BUTTER & LIP BALM for a couple of weeks now, and my skin is softer, smoother, and just generally feels better! I am totally hooked on the Coastal Flowers, it smells like the garden of Eden, I can't decide if I want to eat it or roll in it, but I think it probably works best on the outside, although it makes my spirit smile when I rub it in. I have been an esthetician for 20+ years & tried products from all over the world in spas great & small, organic & otherwise and your products are my choice for my skin. I also have battled perpetually chapped lips and tried everything from Carmex to Burt's to fancy $22 dollar tube rubbish that didn't work like your mint lip balm. I now have un-chapped soft lips and it's the middle of winter in the desert, which is a True Test of a Miracle. Thank you for doing what you do...more, please. Audrey Stephens The Butterfly Lady Sedona Arizona Newly Loyal Client

My husband and I both LOVE your soaps. We have used many different brands but normally don't return for additional purchases. However, we did for yours. We originally purchased them at the Candy Dance Festival in Genoa, NV, and were so happy to know we could purchase more online. Thanks for the amazing product!

Thank you for the wonderful coconut lotion. It smells so good and feels great on my skin. Also, my two boys 3 and 5 love me to put it on them after their baths. They smell so good! Also, can't say enough about the salt scrubs and soaps. LOVE THEM. 

Gina Pintarelli 
Just wanted to tell you how lovely your products are & what a wonderful display that was set up. My boyfriend (Mike) & I stopped by your booth @ the local swap meet here in Havasu City & were so grateful to have met Michael & look at your beautiful art!!! Best to you & Happy Holidays! God Bless, Gina & Mike :)

Truly fantastic work. The Tangerine & Orange Body Butter is sublime! Some of the best butter I have ever used! Please don't stop doing what you do!

Michelle Dillmann  
I met Aravah Organics for the first time this past summer at The Boulder City Art. Their products are of superb quality and I'm 100% satisfied with my purchase. So glad I can purchase via the internet when I need to reorder and don't have to wait until next summer's fair! Thanks, Brenda & Michael for making such a wonderful product!

Melissa Tomasek 
These soaps are amazing! The way they feel and the scents keep me always coming back for more. Thank you for such a great product!

Shelly Denson 
I got my Christmas gift early from Debbie Bahr this year and I got your soaps. I love them!!! I placed my first order today. Merry Christmas!

Brittany & Stephen Bartels 
We love your products!! The body butter is so wonderful on my dry skin and my husband loves the soaps too!! Thank you!

John & Debbi Bahr 

I LOVE your products!!! The quality is amazing & the variety of scents are fantastic. I'm making small burlap bags & filling them with soaps & giving them to all my friends for Christmas gifts. I know everyone will love them as much as I do! Thank you Mike & Brenda for the great service and products.

Martina from Phoenix 
Wonderful people bring wonderful things into this world! Every single product I have used is amazing in its own way. My children love the smell and feel of the soaps and body butter as much as I do, which makes for a great family product. I'm always anxious to receive my order because I know Brenda and Mike will add some samples that I may not have tried before. You will love their products and their service! Martina

Debbie horst  
I have been a long time user of Aravah Organics, I love that the products are all-natural and they have so many various fragrances to pick from. It also makes fantastic gifts.  

"Brenda's products are amazing! I am a repeat customer and enjoy the body scrub, soaps, and body butter... very rich with natural oils... Their customer service is as exceptional as its products. I order products on-line and it is very efficient. The shipping cost is even reimbursed in the product! Highly recommend! Thank you, Mike and Brenda!"